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Having trouble with the players in Kim's Blogs? Here's your chance! We're bringing you a list of the players that make the board, in well, the order I wanna put them in.
Lisa F - My sister, self-proclaimed narcissist, comic book lover, wearer of brown and green. In Oklahoma with the Air Force.  Also known as Ragnell of Written World.
Andrew S - Old college buddy who lives around here. Industrial Engineer and a black belt in Su Bak Do. Used to be in PSIDE together. He was a friend of an old boyfriend originally. Best friend of Ed. He loves Star Trek and plays very good trombone. I gave him a cute, psycho kitty he calls Naomi.  He's getting married this summer to Meghan.
Ed C - Old college buddy who lives around here. A loose-cannon recycling truck driver who lives life on the edge. Hanger-out at Unknown Comics, I have him to thank for all of those issues laying on my bed (well, the ones on paper, anyway). He spends lots of time with Jenn S.
Noel F - My closest female friend and roommate. She's a speech therapist, she roleplays and plays PS2 games. Amusingly enough, she is originally a friend of Andrew's ex-girlfriend. She has a cat that dislikes me named Eve.  She's going for her black belt.
Heidi F - My other roommate.  She works two jobs and plays with my Kitten.
Heather T - My geeking buddy.
PJ F - My brother. Paid Fire Fighter with Carbondale, Volunteer Fire Fighter and Training Officer for Greenfield Township, and Fire Instructor with BCCC. He got married in October and lives up on Finch Hill with his wife and his two Bichon Pains-In-The-Butt, Nikki (yes, I'm pretty sure named after Little Nikki the movie) and Joci.
MaryBeth F - My brother's wife. Definitely a saint.


Nope.  If you want to know anything about who or why I wrote a song, you have to ask me yourself.  Not saying I'll answer, either.

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