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This was a car ride song.  I was thinking about all the different things a phrase could mean, and it grew from that.  I've been humming it since, oh, 1997 or so, but I didn't record it until 2003.

A lonely road, she's standing there
She flags you down, she's not aware
If what you wanted was so wrong...
That faithlessness is just a sad, sad song?
All those things you thought
While standing rooted to that spot
Were just one thing -
You'd never been to Africa...
Baby, I can say
It never would have been this way
If you told her
You'd never been to Africa...
It started small, as these things do
She wore the dress, but not for you
I know it has that clichéd ring
If it weren't you it wouldn't mean a thing
As you asked her why
She wouldn't give another try
She just told you
She'd never been to Africa
As you closed the door
She couldn't hurt you any more
If she'd told you
You'd never been to Africa...
Down the road and up the stairs
There is a room, there is a chair
You always take her for a walk
You hold her there with just a single lock
As she falls it's true
She's never what she'd seemed to you
But she told you
She'd never been to Africa
As she hit the floor
She wasn't screaming any more
She just told you
She'd never been to Africa
You know it's just the lies you tell yourself
And you know damn well
It isn't her you've sent to hell
But you find her
In every place
But Africa...
Only one mistake
One more life you'll want to take
No, don't tell them...
You've never been to Africa.

©Kimberly Fortuner 2007. All lyrics ©1994-2007. Music ©1993-2007.